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Spotify tracks stop playing at random

Spotify tracks stop playing at random

Spotify, I think you have a major problem. Lately, since a week or 3, both on my iPhone 4 (iOS7) and Ipod touch 4th Gen the tracks of my downloaded playlists, when being offline, stop playing after an undefined time. They skip to the next track but no audio can be heard. 

Only when I do a "hard" skip myself to a next song, that song starts playing and audio can be heard. Again for 3, 4, 5 or more minutes until the same occurs.


I'm a happy premium user for more than a year now (correction: I was a happy premium user) and this really p***** me off very much.

I have done all that I could find on the community threads on this subject such as:

- clear history and cookies,

- delete the app

- turn off iphone or ipod

- turn it back on 

- reinstall the app

- put the preferred playlists offline again



I'm a bit lost and it seems that you cannot manage to provide a solution to this terrible issue.


Any idea ?

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As an update, I have used my iphone frequently this week, either in the car or while running in the morning. 

Each time the issue re-occurs, meaning all of a sudden at the end of a song or somewhere in the middle, there is no audio anymore whilst the track continues to play. Pausing and restarting that song does not help at all. The only thing that helps is skipping to the next track after which the issue occurs after playing multiple tracks again.


I was thinking whether it had anything to do with the 3G-connection, wifi or gps on on my iphone but I cannot turn any of these off as I cannot use my phone for any purpose. 


It is taking a long time to get any update and just like Joosie I'm considering to downgrade my subscription to a non-payable one. This is no use for me.

Another update : this is really pissing me off. A simple playlist on my Ipod and already 10 times in a range of 30 tracks the issue occurs. A track is suddenly stopped, no audio.

Is this community actually working ? Are the Spotify developers actually reading what is reported here ? This looks like just an empty box this community thing.
Decision taken: next week I'm cancelling my premium subscription.

The Spotify community is a support channel for users to help each other, if you want official support from Spotify either drop the support team an email here (and then reply to the automated reply) or tweet @SpotifyCares. 


As for your issue, does it happen to playlists synched into offline mode?

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Well, it seems many users share the same issue with minor issue differences and it seems the community is left on its own to find a solution.
Thanks for pointing this out.

As for the suggestion: I have tried everything to solve this myself. Yesterday, playing an online playlist made it even worse.

I have the same problem for almost 2-3 months now. It's really making me crazy.


In my car (ford focus with bluethooth) it seems that if I tap AUX off and back on again it works again (90% of the time it does). But it happens also if I'm not in the car.


If you hit the sound button in the app, you don't see a circle anymore to adjust the sound.


Reboot, reset, app delete and so on don't work. For me it looks like it has something to do with iOS 7 and maybe in combination with Spotify.


I'm patient for a solution, but if this keeps on going I look for alternatives. Especially since I now have the problem that I'm going offline random and I have to download everything over again. ( )


iPhone 4S

iOS 7.04

Spotify 0.9.3



It looks like if you tap the pause/play button a lot on the home screen on the iPhone, without going in the iPhone with my code, it 'crashes' and then it starts playing again in the car. The screen of the player in the iPhone is gone and if it starts playing in the car again, it comes back.

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