Spotify update has nobbled Bluetooth connectivity to BMW ConnectedDrive

Spotify update has nobbled Bluetooth connectivity to BMW ConnectedDrive


Hi all


On Saturday I updated the Spotify app on my iPhone 5s to the latest version, I'm not sure of the previous version I was using but I hadn't updated the app for months.  This update seems to have nobbled the Bluetooth connectivity to my BMW ConnectedDrive, I've also tried connecting via USB but that's also not working.  The phone still connects via Bluetooth for making and recieving calls and I've also checked the device configuration in ConnectedDrive and it's selected for both Telephone and Audio.


It's worked without any issue since I got my car and the only change over the weekend has been the Spotify update which leads me to believe this is the issue.


Has anyone else had this issue and if so does anyone know how to fix it?

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Further to the above, I've just installed the latest software update from BMW.  This has allowed me to listen to Audio played from Spotify whilst connected via USB and also connect to the carphone feature via Bluetooth but I still can't connect to Audio via Bluetooth and play Spotify music.


a similar thing has happened to me, spotify worked fine in my car on 31/12/17, however since 01/01/18 the app no longer appears on the idrive, I connected my partners phone and hers worked straight away. Deleted/downloaded Spotify several times, disconnect my phone & reconnected yet still doesn’t work. Will play via usb/Bluetooth but won’t load the Spotify app so don’t have control of my account whilst using the idrive. If it’s not solved soon then I will be changing to Deezer as I only have spotify for listening to music in my car.


Hi Matt


I believe I've resolved the issue.  Make sure your iDrive has the latest softeware ( along with the Sporitfy app and your device, in my case it was updating my iPhone to 11.2.1.


This reolved the issue and allowed me to connect and play via Bluetooth again.


Hope this helps.


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