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Spotify won't connect to chromecast audio group

Spotify won't connect to chromecast audio group

I've got two chromecast audio decives set up individually and as a group. If I select either device individually Spotify casts perfectly however if I select the group it just hangs 'connecting' forever.

I've checked the router and the AP client settings are ok. I've rebooted the devices and the router. I also deleted the chromecast app and the Spotify app. When I reinstalled the Spotify app it did connect to the group once but then hasn't since. I deleted and reinstalled the app again but this time it wouldn't connect.

Also, the Tune in radio app casts to the group without issue so I don't think there's an issue in the setup. It seems something to with the Spotify app?

Is there anything I can do to get this to connect?
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Ok so I've managed to figure something out. The issue seems to be with switching from an individual device to the group in the Spotify app. If I select an individual device in the apps device list, then try to select the group, it hangs.

However if I select the device, then when I want to switch, come out of the Spotify app, open the chromecast app and click on 'stop casting', then go back in to Spotify and select the group, it then connects fine.

So it seems the issue is switching from an individual device to a group directly in the Spotify app without stoping the cast in between. It seems like switching between individual devices in Spotify is fine but to switch to a group you have to stop the cast first.

Would be good if Spotify can sort this bug out in the app as it's clunky having to go out, stop the cast, and then go back in again.

I also have two chromecasts in a group.

It works fine in other app's when casting to the group but i have lots of problems when casting to the group from Spotify.

Mostly i have to try to connect  five to ten times before it connects and stays connected, it's sometimes pauses or drops of after connecting or the first time a new tune starts.

I'm paying for premium but are seriously considering the stop because it works so bad.

Spotify usually blames Google for these problemes, but as you figures out yourself other app's works just fine.

Thanks so much man. That's at least a small workaround until Spotify get their act together to fix this very annoying bug...

Same problem on my iPhone 5. No work aroud works. Just very occasionally it's connected to the group. The phone has been wiped and rebuilt recently and no change. The group perfectly on my iPad Mini 2 and through the spotify app on my macBook.

I just had same issue on iphone5. I fixed it by deleting the group in Google Home app, re create group then Spotify connected to group fine. Hope I won't have to do it each time I boot up Cast devices..!

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