Spotify won't play some songs, chosen at random.


Spotify won't play some songs, chosen at random.

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I still keep a "Starred" playlist on my spotify account, and I add to it frequently. I keep the whole thing downloaded, and started having an issue about 1 - 1.5 years ago where the application simply refuses to play some specific songs.


My playlist is currently 323 songs large, and about 5 are currently unplayable. I hate to remove and re-add songs to this playlist because it functions as a timeline of the music I've listened to for years, but I have tried and it doesn't seem to affect the issue. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app only to find that different songs can't be played after completing the long process of downloading the whole thing. Maybe it's worth noting that I download all of the songs in 'extreme' quality.


But it doesn't seem to be limited to this playlist or any of my other downloaded playlists either. The application will do this while streaming too, sometimes playing the first two seconds of a song before the whole things becomes off limits. If I try to download the song the issue will persist with that song, even though it appears to download as normal.


This mostly happens on my iphone, but I have experienced it with my macbook as well. The songs that break are different on every device.


What could possibly be causing this? Could it be the large size of the playlist? Something that happens during the downloading process? My phone does lock occasionally while the playlist is downloading, but that doesn't seem to correlate with the broken songs at all. This also would not explain why this issue oocasionally crops up on my computer and when I'm streaming. And additionally, for what it's worth, the green arrow is displayed beside every song on the playlist.


The only real solution I've seen presented to fix this is reinstalling the app. This will fix the specific song, but the bug will reproduce itself with different songs. This bug has been affecting me for a long time, and I'm fed up with it to be completely honest. If there's anything else I can include in this post to make this easier to fix, let me know.

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Re: Spotify won't play some songs, chosen at random.


my spotify account wont let me play anything but shuffle?