Spotify won't stream over Cellular...


Spotify won't stream over Cellular...

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I'm on an iPhone 7 Plus, Spotify premium....yet eve with Cellular enabled, Spotify will not stream over cellular. Getting into my car, it automatically says I'm Offline - no matter how many bars I have - and will only play what I've downloaded.  WHAT AM I MISSING?


Dave Huntsman

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Re: Spotify won't stream over Cellular...


Hey @dphuntsman, help's here!


We'd recommend a reinstall first of all, and to check your iPhone for any iOS updates at Settings > General > Software Updates.


Go to Settings > Spotify > make sure that Mobile Data is toggled on. If it is, try turning it off and on again.


Also, to enable downloading music for offline listening via cellular in-app, go to Your Library > the Settings cog > Music Quality > toggle on Download Using Cellular. It might be worth toggling this on too to see how it affects streaming. But don't leave it on after testing if you don't wish to keep it on.


If you're still experiencing this, let us know if you notice it occurring over 3G or 4G or both.