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Starred playlist does not show up on iPhone app

Starred playlist does not show up on iPhone app

Hello everyone,


for some time I have not been able to find the Starred playlist on my iPhone. It disappeared after an update at some stage. I have been using a workaround by simply creating a seperate playlist and copying all the songs from my Starred playlist into it, but it's not ideal.


When I connect my iPhone to my MacBook and select the device in the MacBook Spotify app it shows the Starred playlist and that it's available offline on the iPhone (the space on my iPhone is still being used up, so the songs are definitely saved on my phone, but I can't access the playlist to play them). I've tried deleting and re-downloading them, but that didn't work either.


Also, when I am playing the Starred playlist on my MacBook and view my play queue via Spotify Connect on my iPhone it shows "Playing from your Music: Starred". If I click on this I finally am able to see the Starred playlist on my phone and choose "Available Offline" (ON/OFF), but once I'm no longer playing it via Spotify Connect I have no way of accessing the playlist. It also doesn't show up in "Recently Played" on my phone.



Does anyone have a solution?



Thanks in advance!





3 Replies

Hey Conor!


No worries, we'll help sort this out.


Have you already tried reinstalling the app on your phone?


Keep us posted.

Unfortunately it hasn't solved the problem. I can still only see the workaround playlist I created.

I am having the same problem. I have a starred playlist on desktop and on the web app ( but it does not appear on my iPhone. I have no only tried reinstalling the app but have had a new phone since it dissapeared. 

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