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Starring = Broken

Starring = Broken

Right now, I've had this issue happen to me at least 4 times on my iPhone. Twice today.

Whenever I star a song, the app crashes. So I reopen the app only to realize that the song didn't even get starred.

Afterwards, whenever I try to play any song, the entire app crashes despite multiple attempts… forcing me to reinstall.


So just wondering, what's up? I hope that there will be a fix soon.


Update [120412]: New problem. I'm not even starring anything and the app crashes right after I log in.

I tried at least 3 times today to fix it by reinstalling, but no avail. This app is pretty much broken for me now… 😕

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That shouldn't be happening at all... Could you tell me what iPhone you're using? As well as the version of Spotify you have, and the iOS version you have installed?

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iPhone 4

iOS 5.1



I realized that it tends to happen more when I have a big playlist (200+). When I import an entire genre from Soundrop to a playlist and try to open it up on the phone, it tends to crash even if I attempt to play a song… but I don't know if that's an issue with the phone memory or the app itself. I still think that it shouldn't happen. 😕


Also I'm primarily streaming off my 3G whenever I use the app.

I've tried almost everything already, but now I'm just fed up.

I'm not even doing anything, and Spotify crashes in the first 5s of opening.


I don't want to delete these playlists that I have.

Please fix this app. This is coming from a premium subscription member.

We recently released a 0.4.24 update - You might want to pop over to the App Store and try installing that. This might fix this crashing for you!
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