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Station option is gone?

Station option is gone?






(Iphone7;iPad pro; Mac)

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(iOS 10)


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 I used to use the “create station” all the time and now I can’t create or erase any station I can only use the “Radio” option which is not the same. Also I can “dislike” a song anymore, only the heart symbol appears. Please I would appreciate any help. And yes I have the latest update. 

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I’m having this issue too. I can’t save a radio station anymore with the follow button. The follow button is missing. Now instead of improving the station I have to heart it and save it to my songs instead of just improving station. I like certain songs but I don’t want to save them. I just want to improve my station. But I can’t even save a station now since there is no option anymore


Hey there @Antitype @GonzaR191!


Check this issue, it seems Spotify is working on that. Also don't forget to vote, it will catch more attention for other users. Hope this gets addressed soon 🙂

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