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Stops playing ever 30 sec

Stops playing ever 30 sec

Every time I play any song it stops every 30 seconds
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Is this even when the app is open (on screen). Could you also give me more details about what platform you are on etc. 

I’m having this problem too. Not every song, maybe every third song. my app is  not open onscreen when it happens. In my case i am using an Apple ipad mini 4 version 14.4.2 and if it matters my storage is super full. (I am working on that)


On your iPad mini, can you go to the settings app and make sure that background activity is enabled for Spotify. I believe this could be one possible cause as it shuts the app down when it is in the background. 


Additionally, I would try updating the latest version of iPadOS as it will contain many other improvements and could help solve this. 

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