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Streaming Audio now accessible to Apple Watch


Streaming Audio now accessible to Apple Watch



Huge announcement at yesterday's WWDC 2019.  WatchOS 6 will allow third party apps to stream audio. SPOTIFY PLEASE UPDATE YOUR APP and allow us to stream audio via cellular so that we can keep out phones at home/in the locker when we work out!!!




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Hey folks,


We appreciate your feedback on this feature.


The best way for your to suggest improvements and new features for the app in the Community is via the Idea Exchange: it's the easiest way for us to see which ideas are most popular among Community members.


Going forward, we suggest that you leave your feedback as a comment in this idea thread regarding the requested feature. Rest assured that your votes and comments are being taken into consideration, and you'll be the first to know as soon as we have any updates on the matter.


For more info on how your feedback is reaching Spotify via the Idea Exchange, you can check out this Spotify Answer.


Thanks - take care for now!

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77 Replies


Emphatically agree. This is woefully, ashemedly overdue. An embarrassment to Spotify and a slap in our faces. Sometimes it seems as though we aren’t getting the whole story. How does freebie pandora pull this off already and paid-for Spotify cannot? What are we paying for? Spotify, listen up!: get this done or you’re going to lose a million more subscribers. Your inaction and lack of forthright communication leaves a bitter, bitter taste in our mouthes. We will bail soon enough if you don’t get this fixed. Call our bluff. 




Yes, please! Spotify this is an absolute MUST.  Please bring WI-FI streaming to an indepedent Spotify watchOS app! People in gyms everywhere NEED this! I do not want to have to switch to Apple music, especially when the Spotify UI and options are superior... but there is absolutely no reason I should have to bring my phone to the gym in 2019.


I'm on this page because I'm thinking of switching over to Apple Music just to have offline tracks on my Apple Watch. I hate walking around with my mobile phone in the gym.


I'll probably switch over to Apple Music if Spotify doesn't announce playback via just the Apple Watch. Whether that's offline or streaming is something I don't even care about.


me too!! 🙂 must be

This REALLY needs to happen. I've been paying for 2 subscriptions between Apple Music and Spotify......I'm at the end of the line, if Spotify doesnt update their app I will be canceling service.


Hey folks,


Thanks for posting about this in the Community 🙂


This is a popular idea among Spotify users, and we're taking your feedback into account.


Make sure to vote for this idea by going here and showing your support! The more users that vote, the more likely this will be implemented in the future.


Thanks! Stay awesome 🙂


@ Peter Why even bother replying with such a non answer? Why is this company so bad at making a decision and a proper statement about this? I moved to apple music because how rubbish the watch app for spotify was  but would move back if I knew this feature was planned. But with the way you acting like you don't care about your users well...there are alternatives around and I am sure one will make this feature.


This is a deal-breaking feature for my family.


After many years of using Spotify, I cancelled our Spotify account because of the lack of the ability to stream music to an Apple Watch device.  I will *happily* switch back from Apple music family streaming to Spotify if Spotify adds this feature.


You must be joking! Vote for listening to music from Apple Watch? I understand that Apple was the culprit before by blocking third party apps from streaming to Apple Watch, something that they surely would have received heavy penalties and potential sales prohibitions for eventually, so I don't think they opened it up due to being such a fantastic company. Now that Apple is opening up their API, I am surprised to see Spotify making a total fool of themselves with this reply. If you don't implement this extremely soon you will surely start your march out of business. Get real Spotify, I didn't expect this and will with 100% certainty not stay around after purchasing my Apple Watch after summer. I will obviously not vote for the feature. Nor will I vote for keeping the pause button.


I am seriously considering moving my household to apple music just so I can stream from my watch. I don't want to do it, but if this isn't worked out pretty quickly it is likely.


My family plan will be going to Apple Music within the next week, after >8 years of being with Spotify. All because of being too lazy to respond to customers or allow me to stream from my watch... how unfortunate....


Almost a year of votes and still nothing? Had you guys for over 8 yrs and will be canceling soon since I can stream from my watch...bye!


Same thing. I've been loyal to Spotify since 2015 but I'm seriously considering Apple Music just because of this feature.


Get off your asses and give us streaming via the Apple Watch. Stop doing anything else and deliver this, first. Don't make me vote for the idea, understand your user base and give them what they need.


This is absolutely preposterous. What audacity! Spotify - if you don’t care about your Apple Watch user subscribers for low numbers or something, just make a statement that this feature will not be supported so people can move on without the grudge. You’re like a terrible girlfriend who hates you but won’t break up with you just to see you suffer. Get a grip!


I have been a premium paying member since december 2008. I have never during these years been disapointed of your service and product until now. 


Due to the lack of offline support and streaming functionality for Apple Watch and complete lack of care for your customers regarding this functionality I'm now downgrading to a free subscription and get a premium account with Apple instead.  Thank you and goodbye! 


If Spotify is not streaming by the time Iwatch 5 comes out I will be switching to Apple.

I dont want to but got no choice.


I'm just looking to buy my first Apple Watch, I've been a Spotify user since it was invite only - I absolutely love it.
I'm just browsing around to see what my new Apple Watch will be able to do, and to be honest I'm in stunned shock to even be reading this thread. How a standalone (potentially cellular enabled) 32gb smart watch in 2019 does not have support from arguably the biggest streaming platform is abhorrent, I'm struggling to even comprehend it.
I think we could all share in understanding and patience for Spotify to be late to the party, or to not quite get it right first time, or even if the devs at Spotify can't figure out how the Apple APIs work, these would all be reasonably valid excuses for a prolonged release. What seems to be the kicker (it certainly is for me) is the total apathy with which Spotify are broaching this feature. The response from the Spotify employee to "vote for it" seems lazy, unapologetic, and patronising.
Spotify certainly used to represent a current and trend setting company, one where I imagine such a comment might have been made: "Quick guys, Apple have opened up the watch platform, lets get our stuff on there ASAP, tell the faithful customers we're working on it, and we'll have a beta ready to go as soon as possible - we can't miss the boat on this!"
Perhaps the lack of such attitude points to a dying brand? The saying goes that all good things must come to an end. If the focus is not getting a player on every conceivable device - what is the focus? Or is it a brand wars thing? Since we can listen to Spotify on a Samsung fridge now, but not an Apple Watch, is there a weird power play afoot? If so, it's unlikely to be one that Spotify can win, with their type of product, it can't really swing customers very far. The reality is if someone's brand new $500 watch plays music from one streaming service and not another, the device is the immutable variable, not the streaming service.


I'd love to stick with Spotify, but when the package arrives, I'm going to want to listen to music without my phone around, if Spotify can't do that but Apple Music can, then Spotify have made that decision for me.


Guess we'll find out in 6 days' time.

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