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Streaming Notifications - Resend Please?!

Streaming Notifications - Resend Please?!


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 I saw several other people with this issue in the comments of but I got a notification that told me I was in one of the top percentiles to stream a song when it first released (SWEET!!). On my life, I thought I screenshot it right then and there. Alas, it's nowhere to be found and so I went online to see if there's a way to view my streaming "accomplishments" or stats - or if this notification could be resent to me so I could screenshot it. The comments on the discussion linked above show a myriad of people who find themselves in the same predicament but shows as resolved although it's not, so I wanted to make an official dedicated post to see if someone can help further or we can get enough "Kudos" for Spotify to determine it's worth resolving.


After a lengthy conversation with Spotify's Support Chat directly, the end answer was "We have no visibility on that". Obviously I don't want to come off smug and claim to know how everything works on their end because I don't, but in my career I've managed several marketing customer databases and social media/email/etc. campaigns and and almost always there is a way to get visibility on either 1. the contact distribution list who the notification was sent out to or 2. the account/customer contact history - both which can allow the internal team (Spotify in this case) to resend the message and/or at the very least screenshot the message from within and send a copy. Someone, somewhere, at some point, wrote the content for that notification and designed the layout of the notification itself... So there's gotta be something somewhere, right?!


Even if this visibility cannot be given for customers to access on their own, I'm hoping to challenge that when contacting the support chat, at least they would be able to pull that information or put you in touch with someone who could. I asked multiple times during my chat if there was someone else I could speak with that might have more insight on account statistics but the question was avoided (multiple times). Normally the direct source doesn't answer with "we're not able to see that either". I'm not trying to be a **bleep** but if Spotify can't find this info. then who else could? 


I'm not sure how many "Kudos" are needed, but attached are screenshots from the link for at least 22 people who would like this feature. An email would be a lovely solution.


Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.

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Hi @roomfor-squares,


Thanks for sharing your thoughts here on the Community!


Unfortunately there isn't a way for us to resend the notification currently, but we value your feedback and we've forwarded to the right folks. If we have any news to share on the matter, rest assured we'll post an update here.


The Community is always here if something else comes up.


Take care!

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