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Sync i pod

Sync i pod

I have upgraded to premium so I can put my playlist on an i pod, however when I plug it into the computer it does not come up on the device list as the help section says it should. Any ideas?

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What kind of iPod is it?



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I'm actually having a similar problem. When I try to open Spotify on my I Pod, it now says it's loading, but it's very slow, and even after an hour, only a few albums show as loaded, but they won't play. When my computer first had the new version, my I Pod continued to play, but would only play one song per item. I deleted the App and reloaded, and now, it's useless. It just stares at me saying loading--but nothing will play--including the radio. I kept the old app version on my I Phone and it still works fine with the new version--and my laptop works fine as well as my desktop (both are Macs).


I emailed for help and they suggest deleting and reloading program from scratch, but I'm leary of doing that for fear I might lose everything. I have no clue how to resolve the issue, except to say I think the old version app on I Phone, at least so far, works. So I'm not updating that app until I get this solved. If you find any answers, Please let me know. Thanks, John 

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