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Tracks Jumping

Tracks Jumping


I have an issue with Spotify for iOS and I'm wondering if anybody else has the same issue.

Basically, if I skip through a track e.g. from 30s to 1m45s the track will start jumping and needs to be restarted.

This is totally intermittent and I even though I've raised it as far as Stacey Smith and have seen several updates since I am still having experiencing the issue.

I had this problem on my iPhone 4 and when I upgraded to iPhone 5 (clean setup) I still have the problem.

I have previously emailed the personal inboxes of three Spotify iOS developers but the messages are simply passed over to the Cambridge Customer Services team, who don't appear to be technical support.

Is there some form of system where we can report bugs etc that will be picked up by development?

Any suggestions?
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