Syncing all local tracks on Ipod touch 5th

Syncing all local tracks on Ipod touch 5th


Good evening community, 


I'm having problems syncing my local files on my brand new ipod touch 5th gen. 

First I had to create a playlist with all my local files inside because no tracks were being displayed in the file "local files" just above my playlists list (on the ipod). 

So I created this playlist with 4207 tracks inside, but only1332 were synced offline. My local files are stored in the itunes classic folders. 

Is there any reason to this and any tips to complete the syncing? 


I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.8

The ipod touch is a 32 GB - iOS 7.0.3 (11B511) model

The ipod is in portuguese (brazil) with itune store in French, don't know if it can cause troubles. 


Thanks in advance nice community



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How much free storage space is left on your iPod after synching stopped? 



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There is plenty of room left, almost 20GB. I've checked before starting to sync that all my local files would fit. 

When I connected to my wi-fi, 4 more tracks had been synced... 




by the way, my spotify ipod touch app is the version and the computer one is

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