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Syncing problem

Syncing problem

Hello everyone,


Firstly, sorry for my bad english, as it is not my native langage.


I recently get an iPhone 5S and it doesn't want to sync my laptop's local songs ! I downloaded without problem the rest of my playlists. On my previous iphone 4, there was no syncing problem...


Thanks everyone,


3 Replies

Hi there!

On desktop, have you added your local songs to a playlist?

Do that first, then while keeping your computer and Spotify running, open Spotify on your phone. Now you'll see that new playlist with your local songs. The songs will be greyed out so you'll need to hit Available Offline on that playlist. 

The songs will be downloaded to your phone, remember to keep your computer and Spotify running during the download. 

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the quick answer !


Yes I added my local songs to my playlists, I connected my iphone and my laptop on the same wifi and launch the spotify app on each one.

As I said, it worked on my previous iphone and it doesn"t work now...




That doesn't sound right. Have you tried to uninstall then reinstall the app?

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