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Tab bar. Missing in Iphone 6s

Tab bar. Missing in Iphone 6s

I can't see the tab bar. Ive reinstalled the app many times. There's something with my account because when i log in with a new account, then the bar apears. Any idea on how can i solve this?
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Hey @santicorvalan


The new tab bar has not yet been rolled out to 100% of users. That is why one account might have it and the other one does not.


Hopefully your other account will have the new tab bar soon.

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Still don't have it here either... It's been more than a month now and it isn't rolled out to all accounts still? This old hamburger style layout is bull**bleep**. I pay for premium and get stuck with the old layout becuase the new layout hasn't been rolled out to my account? Getting pretty tired of this bull**bleep** spotify....


Help with this error please

same here... it's really annoying now, even with the new 6.5 version

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