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Taylor Swif Music Won't play on Spotify

Taylor Swif Music Won't play on Spotify

Last year I purchaced Taylor Swift music from itunes and was sucessful in syncing her music onto spotify. However I recently got a new phone which is iPhone 6 and now my taylor swift music won't play. I tried logging out of spotify and logging back in, and deleting the app and readding it but it still won't play. I'm also a spotify preimum member so I don't understand why this is happening.

3 Replies

Hey Roxy!


To start with, you won't be able to stream Taylor Swift on Spotify

as she removed her music last year, If you want to read the article

I've hyperlinked it below.


Spotify News Article - Taylor Swift Music Removal


From you're problem, You will most probably have better luck

trying to save it to your spotify on your computer, and then follow

on to your phone


or alternatively, make sure that the album is downloaded to your iPhone

as sometimes iTunes purchases are stored on iCloud, Then Re-Try doing this.

Also, Try logging out of the app and then back into the app.


Hope This Helps


I have her music on my spotify since I purchased it from iTunes. The problem is that even though her music plays on my desktop computer on spotify, it won't play on my iPhone where I also have spotify. Everytime I try to sync my desktop spotify to my iPhone spotify it won't sync and I'm still unable to play Taylor Swift's music. Also on my desktop it says "Pending" on my iTunes playlist on spotify when it tries to to sync.

I am literally having the exact same issue. I purchased the album, and it worked on my iphone until I upgraded to the iphone 6. It still plays on my computer. I am so confused...

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