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Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down missing. Dislike button removes multiple songs

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down missing. Dislike button removes multiple songs




 United States


Iphone 6s

Operating System

(iOS 12.1.2)


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the thumbs up and thumbs down options on all of my radio functions has disappeared.


i have restarted the app, restarted the phone, uninstalled/reinstalled the application.


i have also noticed that while I continue to use the radio, if I “dislike” a song and select the option, it skips no less than 2 songs.


i put a lot of time into my radio stations to build up the selection algorithm, so this is causing some major issues.


please advise 




no progress or change to any of these issues. If not fixed in he next week I will most definitely cancel my spotify premium and switch back to Pandora. They started offering custom lists and they still have like/dislike options for radio etc. 


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Experiencing both of these as well. 


The radio algorithm is excellent...if you make sure to thumbs up/down the first 10-20 songs. So, like OP, I'm super reliant on it. I am almost at the 10,000 song limit as well, so having to go to my saved songs after a session and unlike a bunch of songs is a pain. This combined with the two-song dislike has ruined the best function of spotify. 


These two issues combined make the radio almost useless unless you are a very casual listener, IMO



I care more about the fact that there is no longer a smart "Liked From Radio Playlist" populated by simply pressing the Thumbs Up button.


If this was intentional, it is a terrible change.  

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