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Title of album in playlist is gone? How to enable?

Title of album in playlist is gone? How to enable?

Spotify used to show the album title in the playlist in the iPhone app. In the new iPad app the album title seems to have disappeared from the playlist. Am I missing an option to enable this, or is it really gone?


It's a huge problem for me because Spotify doesn't have an option to like albums. The only way to save full albums is to put them in a playlist.

Saving them to separate playlists doesn't work for me since Spotify also doesn't have the option to sort the order of the playlists.


It seems to me that the developers totally forgot about the userbase that still likes to listen to full albums.


I hope that I'm just looking in the wrong places and that there is a solution!



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Wow not a single response in six months. This is exactly correct, it's like they completely forgot that people listen to albums. How does that happen at a company like Spotify??

Two years and you still haven't fix this. What on earth is going on? There is competition to spotify you know.

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