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Touch Preview Removed

Touch Preview Removed

I'm on version which was just pushed out today and besides some minor ui tweaks, it appears that the touch preview feature has been removed. Which is a shame, because it was one of my most used features in music discovery, and one of the essential features which keeps me with Spotify instead of other music streaming services.

It was a terrible idea to remove this feature, and I hope it will swiftly be added back in a future update. Because this feature is no longer present in Spotify, I feel less attached to the service as a whole, and am more likely to reassess moving over Google Play Music or Apple Music, which offer better local music integration than Spotify.
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Hey @Asdfghjk15,


Please take a look at this post:


Thanks 🙂

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Well goodbye Spotify. This was the only reason I didn’t switch to Apple Music - and now I will. This feature allowed me to discover so much great music. Major letdown that you would remove it. 

Same here. I looked at touch preview as one of the major advantages of spotify. It made finding new music simple, and was the prime reason I did not switch to apple music. Such a shame they would remove such a great feature.

Totally agree.  Really missing this feature 

Yeah brings back touch preview. 


**bleep** SPOTIFY?!?


Bring it back and apologize.

Need this feature back!! It helps me find new music and remember what a song sounds like. 

Wow! I realised the best feature ever was missing so I though it could have annoyed someone, but of course I also thought I will find it on my user preferences (switched off by default). Since I couldn't find how to turn it on that's how I got here.


Do they know we are in 2017, features can be parameters of a user preference, instead of completely removed! 

Bring it back!!’ You’re absolutely destroying the iOS app (more than likely intentionally) and us  legacy Spotify users are the ones suffering!! I’ve been a huge promoter of Spotify since I had a beta account when it was only available in the UK. But the more you strip down the iOS app the more you’re turning so much of your fan base to other services. This is a vital feature to people who are deep into music discovery. And if you’d, I dunno, advertise it, it might be used more. PLEASE bring it back. 

This is BS! Whoever pulled the trigger on removing previews needs fired, because they've had a stroke and aren't capable of thinking clearly! You removed the one feature that sets you apart from other music apps and more than likely the deciding factor for a lot of new users to choose Spotify! It did nothing but close the gap with Apple Music when they were not even competition in my eyes! If you keep previews removed Apple will dominate the Music streaming service like everything else and it's sad because I enjoy Spotify so much more! Scratch that....Enjoyed! 





i think this is the first forum or message board thing on a Subject that  I've ever commented on... cus I am ssoooooo incredible agreeing with you!!!

it was literally probably the reason why I've been having the premium account connected with my Spotify for more than a year!

and I used to brag about I heart radio!

now I feel dumb.... and slightly disappointed, with a  3 % feeling of betrayed



no hut seriously 


Totally agree with everyone here- you guys have to bring this function back if you want to keep your loyal customers. I for one will go at last to Tidal- your touch preview was the only thing holding me back. Family membership member for 6 years 

Just noticed this today, after I hadn’t used the feature inA few weeks. Don’t know what I will do without it since that is the only way I can find songs and I don’t want to download every single song from their playlist onto my personal playlist and then have to delete them as I go along if I don’t like them, especially since I’m listening mostly in my car. I’m really disappointed that Spotify did this and hopefully they will change it back I don’t know why they removed  it.  Probably just another way to make money if you can use it in the paying version. I have the free version of Spotify so I am hoping that people that pay for Spotify still have the feature at least

No they don't!!!

I discovered it by accident!! And now I’m really missing it... 😞 BRING IT BACK SPOTIFY!!

Nock Nock Spotify....BRING THIS FEATURE BACK PLEASE!! Am going nuts here!! 

Agreed. I updated the app, and fully regret it. 

The feature was essential and golden. I bragged about it all the time, and now it's gone. Complete disappointment. 

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