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Track Only Available Online

Track Only Available Online

I get this error every time I launch Spotify on my iPhone, even though I'm online. I click OK and then the tracks are available for play. Anyone find a workaround for this error? 

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I have the same problem every time and it is seriously driving me crazy. I hope someone has a work around or Spotify has a fix for this soon. Between this and the track not updating on my lock screen or car stereo, I am annoyed.



I've brought this up internally. I'll let you know when I have more info.

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I have the same exact problem and it is too driving me crazy any updates correcting this error? It does not happen so much at home where I have really strong wifi. I happen to be in a week wifi spot at work therefore I wonder if that has anything to do with it or not. Also I wonder if 3G and wifi are fighting each other as a consequence I have disable 3G to see if it works better but it still does it.


ANywho please let me know soon


I never found an answer to this question? Did Spotify reply anywhere to this?

Still waiting for an official response. Seems a simple app update should fix this. 

I was receiving this error on my iPad.  To get rid of the error, I did the following:


  • Go to the Settings Menu
  • Turn Offline Mode On
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • Turn Offline Mode Off

That should take care of the problem.

No, this does not resolve the issue. 

This sounds like it's just a cosmetic error. While it's certainly annoying, it shouldn't interfere with the functionality of the application. If it does, then just let us know.
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This is me letting you know that this bug interferes with the functionality of the app. Here's why: Before this error pops up, the Spotify app spends a few seconds trying to connect in the manner it had been connecting the last time the app was used. When it doesn't find the network is was connected to earlier, it throws up this error. The user then must click OK before being able to browse for a track to play. It's just unexpected behavior that occurs usually when switching from WiFi to 4G.


Steps to reproduce the error: On WiFi, launch the app and allow it to connect. Then open the Settings app and turn off WiFi. The phone is now on 4G. Switch back to the Spotify app and you will receive the error. 

Im getting this error on my iphone but when I press ok it just immediately reopens... I can't use spotify at all. Does that count as affecting the functionality? Any suggestions?

The error occurs when the Spotify app is launched and can't immediately find the Spotify servers. It's an easy fix for the developers, just delay the error a few seconds in order to give the app enough time to connect to the servers. If 5 or 10 seconds go by and still no server connection, then something is wrong and this error should then be displayed. It's as if the app gives up too soon. 

This is definitely unexpected behaviour as it didn't use to happen months ago.


I find it infuriating when I have a large playlist and I want to resume the last song. The error pops up and it takes me to the top of the playlist.

Is there a solution to this problem?

This issue is being investigated

Community Ergo Sum

This is not a "cosmetic error". It has happened to me approimatly 10 times the last month. The only way I can get Spotify to work again is to shut off the iPhone.  and then restart Today I was listening to a Zappa record on my iPhone, when the first track was played again I wanted to change to a new record. This message appears over and over again, I can not do anythig with Spoitfy. Not even stop the music (unless I stop it with the control on my earphones).

Spotify requires me to connect to a network even though I rearly use a network since I have unlimited data download on my 3G subscription. Normally this happens when I'm out biking, in a car or on a train. During these travels the network (3G) goes up and down, this seems to cause this very annoying error in the spotify iPhone App.

I do have perfect 3G access when this error occurs.

My guess is that you internally use a state machine that gets stuck when you are playing tracks using phone network, get out of phone signal and enters a wirleless data network (while your phone is offline). Since i use "3" as phone operator I often gets out of signal since they only use 3G not GSM (as Telia/Telnor would fallbak to).

I have this problem as well and it seriously affects functionality on my iphone.  As soon as the app goes "offline" this error message appears and it is impossible to remove it because the error message immedately re-appears as soon as you hit "ok".  It is not possible to use any other functions in the app while the error message displays.  The only way of fixing it is by turning the phone off and on again - not ideal.

 I get the same error as described by prvs users: track only available online.

Only solution: restart Iphone.


Spotyf: what's your status on resovling this issue?



I have this problem too. I get the problem when I lose my 3G signal (and then I get it again when I gain a 3G signal).  


It's not cosmetic (nothing about the spotify interface IS cosmetic; I'd say more "anti-utilitarian" and definitely "antagonistic"). When you press OK it immediately pops up again (WOW! spotify is so quick and responsive!). Today I went into quick-fire mode and pressed OK about 20 times, in rapid succession, just to see how persistent it was... but it beat me; i got exhausted and had stop pressing. Now my finger really hurts 😞


Clearly the error code is looping, infinitely I presume (...though I don't have the time, nor the digit strength, to test this hypothesis). Just turn the error message off. You don't need to tell us the track is not available offline. We know how spotify works; the music comes over the the world wide interweb thingy. We know you need a signal for that. We'll know the track is not playing too, because we won't hear any jangly music in our ear holes. See?


The only way to work-around this horrible bug is to open the iphone sys try and force spotify to quit. Boo! HIss!! Boo! ... and right in the middle of my favourite song too 😞


Okay. Beyond tired of this and the lock screen bug. About to cancel my membership. Just got the new iPhone 5 and restored from my old iPhone and still have the "Tracks only available online" crap. Serious bug in the code. Iknow several other people that I work with that have the same problem. What are we doing to fix this guys? Is there something I can send you to diagnose? Tired of having to dismiss a dialog box.

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