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Trouble accessing saved content when poor internet connection

Trouble accessing saved content when poor internet connection






iphone 6s

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ios 12.1


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Since an update or two app started to behave weirdly when my phone happen to have very poor internet connection (so when you can see LTE or 3G on the notification bar yet sites struggle to load or go on time out) as i cannot access content i have saved to offline listening. Instead of loading the offline content the app seems to try loading the album page from the network casing the app to get stack on loading even tho the album is saved locally on my phone. The only workaround is to set the app to offline mode but it is a bit of a chore going back and forth just because i have poor internet connection for 10 minutes and suddenly i can’t even access locally saved content. before the last few updates this wasn’t an issue. 

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Hey! I’ve got the same problem and I share your frustration! The way I’m getting around this at the moment, which might be easier than going through Spotify and selecting offline mode, is turning off mobile data and WiFi from the iOS control centre. It seems to let the app know that there’s no internet connection so it doesn’t need to try and reload offline content. As soon as I’ve selected what I want to listen to I turn the data and WiFi back on again. I hope this is fixed soon!

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