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Turn off spotify connect?

Turn off spotify connect?

Hi, I'd like to know how to turn off spotify connect, it is not a function I like to have turn on automatically when it detects other devices in the network.
Many thanks
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I dont want my phone to be used like an remote controle ? What fool came to this idea.


What's the point of this feature if youre not supposed to put an account on more than one device. I'm not sharing an account, I have the account signed in on my tablet, and my phone and have this problem constantly.

Hey, this only works if you have spotify premium. I listen to my downloaded music on my phone but, I shut off my wifi, and deny spotify access to my data. If spotify is offline connect will not work. So my girlfriend can use it on my iPad in the living room while I listen to it offline at work.

Here's why your solution is a bandaid... I've got a premium account HOWEVER I dont want my device filled up with offline music. I want to be online and listen to whatever music I decide and not have to download 10 gigs of music on my device.


Spotify is a STREAMING service (offline mode is an xtra privilege for premium accounts) If we have to download music in order to stop the wacko connect from taking over, than STREAMING becomes secondary (bit of an oxymoron...)

I agree with about the one account per household (husband and wife).  The problems with this connect still exist even if only one of us is using it. I was in a business meeting in another state (one of us in Ohio, the other in Florida) with my iPhone, my husband was at home with our iPad listening to music because of this stupid connect feature every song he listened to kept popping up on my iPhone AND I could control his selections.


So it wasnt us trying to both listen to music, I was in a business meeting - only 1 person was using the account. What he's listening to shouldnt pop up on my iPhone, and that I clicked next on his favorite song (funny now but not at the time) shouldnt happen.

Better is that we ALL cancel our premium accounts and use the free version.

Then we have NO CONNECT . and spotify NO MONEY .......

I can't believe it's been almost a year of these comments and this is still not an option.


Why wouldn't you make it an option in the first place? Certainly you'd think ahead & know there's a lot of us out there who don't always want to use this!

agreed, but I only buy 64 gig devices, so it's great for me

One option to bypass Connect is to use a third-party application.  I use an app called SpotEQ and I don't have to deal with this Connect nonsense.  Only works if you're a Premium member, though.

Well I'm certainly not breaching the terms and conditions. I'm sat at at home ay my PC and listening as normal. My phone is next to me and currently running out of battery/data fast because it is connecting at the same time. While I'm sat here. Do I have to switch my phone off everytime I'm sat at my PC so I can stop it running out of battery/using data? I'm with everyone else here, I just want to be able to switch the feature off. Whilst I appreciate the idea of my mobile being the remote control if I were to be having a bunch of pals round or whatever, my flat is not exactly so massive that I can't reach for the device I have the app running on at the time.


Nice idea in theory, but some choice in the matter would be good.


I have quickly learnt to HATE this feature too. If it had a disable option I could just turn it off. It's driving me nuts.

I haaaaaate this connect thing ! Please add some option to turn it off or I'll go Deezer or other ...

Seriously Spotify, give us an option to turn off this awful feature NOW!

Please!! Kill the fuuuu connect, i hate it with passion! I guess no more premium membership....

Hi all, people who are wanting the option to disable Connect, are your troubles with Connect due to the Android app constantly starting up and consuming battery while the desktop app is in use?

Is there anyone on iOS who is frustrated by this feature as well?

You can try deleting/force quitting the app temporarily, then redownloading it. 

You're all greedy over there at Spotify.. All you do is grub money off people for a service that can't be shared and as if the free service wasn't even bad should all be ashamed of yourselves and there's a reason why I switched back to pandora and it's because your services suck..I bought premium thinking I could share it with my girlfriend but I can't because of the stupid "connect".. I should get my first 3 months for 99¢ but you all lied and said I would and I didn't..

My sister and I both use the same account and the only way for us to be able to stream at the same time is for one of us to be in offline mode since you can't use connect when your account is offline

A choice!? No! Spotify wont let people choose for themselves. It's more like: We do what we want, take it or leave it.


An other example is when they change the layout and inserted all this empty space between every playlist and every song in a playlist. Or that you no longer can use Stars. Or that they removed the 'New Playlist' option locaed above the playlists (though this has been resolved now that the 'New Playlist' position is fixed above the play controls. Or that the for no reason whatsoever moved the volume control from the left side to the right (OK, I use <Ctrl> + <Up/Down>, but still. It's a meaningless change.


I'm gonna upgrade to one of the beta versions.

@nowholeself: 'Apps should be under the user's control...' said the Apple user...

And you can't answer the sodding phone and keep the music on. it's bloody annoying.

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