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Turning off shuffle play is a premium feature?

Turning off shuffle play is a premium feature?

Now come on Spotify. This just isn't right. I have to pay you if I want to listen to an album in order? Now the adds though that'd make me subscribe if I had the money to spare. But are you seriously going to keep it like that?
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The shuffle lock is for mobiles on the free tier. Both desktops and tablets can play albums in order on the free tier. That's pretty generous. There has to be some incentive to upgrade to premium, they're a business not a charity!

There's already a few reasons why you would want to upgrade to premium. No more terrible adds. Playing all your music offline. Those features make sense. But making it so that mobile devices can't turn off shuffle play seems a little more than silly to me. While the laptops and tablets can do just that without it being a premium feature.

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