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Ui error margins and screen distortions

Ui error margins and screen distortions

Not sure how to recreate this error. It was the first thing I saw today. I’m on iPhone X, my screen orientation was not locked. The app was idle in the background for a while. I “slid over” to open it. It seems like the app attempted to turn sideways, which I know isn’t a feature, but attempted nonetheless and failed. The screen was functional although there were never-before-seen black Left & Right margins and the new aspect ratio distorted any icon or text referencing the screen size. The bottom bar displaying current music was sized appropriately but hovering about 150px from the bottom. I'm signed in but it won't let me attach the screenshots. Version

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Okay here are the screenshots. From the way they're sideways, I think this has to do with the lock orientation being off. Something else must have confused it as well though because it's not happening from a fresh boot. 

Hey @Nubbyzer, welcome to the Community.

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Does it happen if you try it with a different Spotify account on the same device?


Keep me posted 🙂

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