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Unable to Play Music after Backup/Restore from iTunes

Unable to Play Music after Backup/Restore from iTunes

I'm having several issues with using Spotify on iOS 7. These issues have existed since the iOS 7 beta was out forever ago, and have never been addressed.


Every time I upgrade firmware versions (ex. 7.0 -> 7.1) the following occurs:

  1. Upon launching Spotify, it crashes.
  2. Upon launching Spotify a second time, it crashes.
  3. Finally, upon the third try the app informs me that my music exists on another device. If I've used more than three devices (keep in mind all of these "devices" are different iOS versions on the same iPhone 5) the music is removed and I'm forced to restart Spotify.
  4. After re-launching the app magically all of my playlists appear and a random number of songs appear to be downloaded. Spotify begins syncing "non-offline" tracks.

After all of this happens, I'm unable to play the songs that appear to be synced (they have the green downward arrow next to them). No matter how many times I log out, reinstall the app, reboot the device, etc. All tracks that are unsynced play just fine as they stream the data from the Internet, while unsynced ones do not.


My question is: is all this necessary? I can't imagine why this should happen every time I install iOS. I have slow Internet access and cannot do OTA updates in iOS, so I don't see that as being a viable alternative. How can I prevent this issue in the future?


Thanks to anyone who can help.

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I haven't had any issues going from iOS 7 to its incremental updates. Which versions are you updating to, if its 7.1 (beta) then Spotify support are likely to turn a blind eye and say its not currently supported. 

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