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Ipad wont sync playlists offline and keeps crashing

Ipad wont sync playlists offline and keeps crashing

Please help, every time i go onto a playlist that i like and click the button to make it available offline, the first song in the playlist gets an orange exclamation mark next to it, and when I unclick the button that syncs the songs and makes them available offline and click it again, the app crashes!!! Please help!

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Hi. Could you try restarting your ipad by holding the the Home and Lock buttons together for 10 seconds. If you still have this problem please supply a little more information.


Which ipad model and iOS version are you using and which spotify version? How much free storage space is left on your device?



I have tried resetting my ipad.



When i go into a playlist and try to sync it to my device and make it available offline, the first song in the playlist gets an orange exclamation mark next to it and the playlist doesn't download. I then try to download the playlist again by unclicking the button that says "download playlist" and clicking it again. However doing this only makes spotify crash and go to the homescreen.


What I expected to happen

I would have thought that a loading sign would appear next to the first song after i pressed the "download playlist" button and after a few seconds of loading a green downward arrow would appear and the second song in the playlist would begin loading.


What actually happened

An orange exclamation appeared next to the first song in the playlist and none of the songs downloaded.


My iPad/iPhone model

Ipad Air (Ipad 5)


Device’s Operating System

ios 7.0.4


Is your device jailbroken?



Approximately how many playlists do you have?



My mobile Spotify version



My desktop Spotify version (if applicable)

Dont have one


My provider and country

Vodafone, New Zealand


My username



Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?

No sorry.




Also, i am using spotify on 4 devices, same account:


Ipad Air

Ipad 1

Iphone 4

Ipod 4


If this means anything please tell me, cheers

Is it just on the iPad that tracks aren't syncing?


How much free space does it have currently? The orange ! symbol tends to mean a lack of space on the device you're syncing to.


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Thanks man I deleted some games and now the tracks are syncing! I think part of the problem was the fact that I have spotify (same account) over 4 devices.

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