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Unable to Sync all Saved Music

Unable to Sync all Saved Music

I have been using Spotify for probably over 2 years now and have finally got up to contract renewal period. Got myself a nice new 128gb Iphone 6S to fit all my music on via Spotify. All the music I have saved from Spotify itself and are not local files I have around 7800 songs I wanted to sync onto my Phone. Everytime I try to save all these offline it gets to syncing around 2000 songs then just freezes and doesn't sync any more songs no matter how long you wait. It also shows on all unsynced albums as "waiting to download" 


Know it's not an issue with my Wifi, and also know that it's not due to lack of space as I still have 80gb left! This is really frustrating as the main reason I bought such a big Iphone was so I could fit everything on and still have room to spare.


I have tried deleting the app and re syncing, turning WIfi on and off. Syncing it album by album instead of just in the songs tab and every time I am getting to a similar amount of synced tracks and it just stops.


Anything else I could do? Or is this a problem they are aware about and will be addressing 





3 Replies

Ok so I finally figured it out...
Go to Settings, scroll down to iCloud & click it..
Click Storage...Click Manage Storage...Click on Other Documents...Finally click edit & select Delete all
And that should do it... let me know if it works for you, because it did for me.

Hi there,
Looking at some other forums the impression I got Is you can sync only 3,333 songs per device. Has this made you be able to sync more than that amount of songs then?

I got the exact same problem, i figured out that the problem is that I dont have enough storage space anmd when it does not have that he will delete the downloaded songs and cancel everything.. 

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