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Unable to download, met by a BS error message

Unable to download, met by a BS error message







iPhone 7

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iOS 11


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 When stocking up with albums and playlists for an upcoming trip Im met with**bleep** error saying I gotta remove downloads in order to download. What’s up with that?

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Hey @rozz1, welcome to the Community.


Hope you are doing great!


Please note that you can download 3333 songs on a single device. So in order to download your new songs just remove the ones you don't listen to. You can also read the I need help with my downloads FAQ for more information about this feature 🙂


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Oh come on, thats just stupid. Why would you keep a music library that small?

Hey @rozz1,


The Library has no limit, you can have as many playlists as you want. The playlists themselves and the Songs folder have a limit of 10 000 songs on them.


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