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Unable to open SMS links in Spotify - opens

Unable to open SMS links in Spotify - opens

Hi.  My links won't work (ie: songs sent to me by text) I used to be able to tap the link and it would take me to Spotify to hear the song.  

Now when I tap the link it takes me to, then to the App Store, back to Spotify without playing the specific song I'm looking for. 

This is new and just started happening today.  Anyone out there who could help fix this?  Thanks 

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My girlfriend and I both have this happening.  The weird thing was mine was working just fine until she sent me a link from Shazam, I clicked it, and played the song through Shazam.  After that, I went back to my home screen on iOS 11.3 and noticed Spotify had been deleted from my phone.  Confused, I reinstalled Spotify and now my links won't play and takes me to the app store when I click a link.  What is happening and how can this not be fixed yet?   

Struggling with the same issue here.  Seems to have started randomly a few months ago.  I just uninstalled/reinstalled Spotify app but to no avail.  Very frustrating as I share a ton of music via SMS with friends.  Has anyone figured out a solution yet? I’m dying a slow death over here....

Same issue here, has been going on for the last couple of month also. iPhoneX latest OS and App installed.


git add .

git commit -m “bug fix”

git push you guys 😉



I am having the same issue. I have reinstalled the app and have the latest updates. Been happening for at least 6 months.

Same thing. Any help?

iphone x, latest soft, app installed

Ehh, where is the Help board?

So it’s a safari thing... because if you copy that same link from safari and past it into chrome app on iPhone.... it works 🙂



Awesome, thanks for the fix!!!

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