Unable to play track

Unable to play track

I have seen this in a couple of other threads, but its enough of a bother that I wanted to start a new one.


I had an iPhone 4s with Spotify Premium and I had been getting an error after a track had played for a few seconds: "Unable to play track" and the track would stop.  I believe this came from syncing the tracks/playlists locally on my phone.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the application and turned back on Offline sync and the problem returned.


I now have an iPhone 5s that shows the same problem.  I uninstalled the application and reinstalled.  Once it's back on the (unsynced/online) playlists just fine.  As soon as I turn on the Offline capability the tracks come back up with the Unable to play track error.


I do notice that when I sync tracks, they almost immediately download.  Perhaps when I uninstall the application its leaving the local copies on the phone and when I resync the playlist, it just looks at those tracks?  That could explain the issue if its syncing a corrupted track?


Any thoughts/similar situations?

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Hi Bos2Roc - Are these local files or are they from the Spotify catalogue? Could you also please confirm which Spotify app version you've got installed? We can keep helping from there! 

Thanks Meredith,  These are from Spotify.  I move them to playlists straight from Spotify albums. 


My phone states I am runniung version (spotify Premium access)

I think after all of these months I've figured this out. I saw someone else mentioned messing with the Music Quality settings and the error went away. In their case the music quality was set to Extreme and they changed it to normal and it worked. In my case I was already at normal but moved it up and then back down and my music is playing now without the error. Let's hope this lasts!!

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