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Unknown DIG-L21 device

Unknown DIG-L21 device

Hello, I for a week now I’ve been having the following problem: when I start playing music on my iPhone, it sometimes stops and when I open spotify it says that my music is playing on a device called DIG-L21. Initially I thought that this was my other phone - Samsung Galaxy S6, so I removed it from my spotify account but the problem was still there. After that logged out all my devices from my account and logged in only through my phone but the DIG-L21 device still came up.

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This is happening to me today as well - on both iPad and iPhone. If I try to switch back to iPhone or iPad it works for few seconds and then does the same thing - mine says SM-G955F.  Tried resetting device and new install without success.

Update: I just realized that this device plays only russian rap. Apparently russians have hacked me.

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