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Up next not working on Bose.

Up next not working on Bose.

Hi gurus. The up next on my iPhone only works when the device is the iPhone. As soon as I switch it to my Bose it disappears. I also can't change the play order when playing on the Bose but can on the iPhone. 


I am running the latest version of all apps. It means I can't edit the queue in anyway. I used to be able to. It's quite annoying. 

Thanks in advance.  

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I've got the same issue. But I don't think is meant to work atm. Mainly because Bose only play playlists and albums (but you can't sync those to a quick access button)... 


What I usually do, is creating a playlist to which I dump everything I want to hear in a session/party. If I want/need to use the up next I usually switch to bluetooth.


Hoping they fix it soon...

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