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Upgraded to Premium but still got a free account?

Upgraded to Premium but still got a free account?

Hi, I just upgraded to a premium account. Problem is, it says at my profile at spotify that I'm using a free account. That can't be right because I entered the code correctly and got a message that I had upgraded to premium.
I tried restarting the phone but no change. What's going on?
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I have the exact same problem. I have logged in with Facebook and my Spotify credentials and neither allow me to play music on demand.

Hi, I'm having the same issue. I just signed up but my desktop and iphone are both still in free mode. Wassup with that?

Same here. Signed up for premium but now showing on iphone. synced phione with computer and turned off/back on. still only radio will play. suggestons?

With problems like this try to log out and then login back to Spotify.

I did...several times on my phone and desktop.

I also tried to sign off and and back on but nothing...I feel ripped off =(

I also have the same problem, I recently upgraded to Premium yet my phone does not recognize the premium account.

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There is some problems with servers and servers should be up and running soon.


You have Premium ccount in Spotify system, the update is slow, apologies for that. You should get an Premium soon to your lovely device.


Also before that you might want to try to fishing this update manually, just log out from app and then log in back!

Yeah, logging out and logging back in does nothing for me.

Hey guys,


We're aware of some server issues on this at the moment. I'm going to keep this thread here updated with anything on this matter. 


I'll lock this thread for now! 

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