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"Shuffle" does not shuffle entire playlist, only plays 50 or so songs over and over.

"Shuffle" does not shuffle entire playlist, only plays 50 or so songs over and over.

This seems to be a similar problem as here:

But, I wanted to post it here as it's happening in iOS and not just on the Desktop client.


I have a playlist with 300+ songs, but when I listen to it on shuffle, I only hear about 50 songs shuffled over and over.  This is a major problem for how I listen to music and why I got Spotify.  


Is anyone else having this issue?  I may have to drop Premium if this continues.

4 Replies

I thought it was just me...I agree I have a 500 song playlist and I can hear the same song more than once on my drive to work...and it does seem its like the same songs alot...I think I will just have to leave shuffle off since it doesn't seem to really work..Seems like it would be such a easy thing to program...don't repeat any songs in a single lsitening period and if it was truely random you would hardly ever hear the same song more than once in a long time with a big playlist. Come on Spotify...You can do better with all our money we all are paying you!!!!

I have the same problem. Has anyone found a solution??

My solution was to stop paying for Spotify and just go back to downloading music.  Shuffle works like a charm now!!!

I've had to do a number of lengthy drives recently and have come across this to, it's really irrirating.


It should be more randomised and use the entire playlist


A good starting point for a random seed would the the current time of day and maybe even the approximate location of the device.

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