V8.4.88 doesn’t respect the “don’t use cell data” flag


V8.4.88 doesn’t respect the “don’t use cell data” flag

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iPhone XS

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iOS 12.1.2


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 As of v8.4.88 the iOS app no longer respects the “don’t use cell data” flag. Even with this disabled it still streams over my cellular connection. The only way to prevent this is to go “offline” which renders the app pretty useless altogether. I simply don’t want to soak my data plan with streaming but searching and navigation should still be possible. I thought that was the difference between “don’t use cell data” and “go offline”. This was never a problem in the past. I was pretty shocked to see streaming working when I explicitly set the cell data flag to false. 

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Hey @znelson!

It looks like the most recent version is 8.4.89, does this still happen on that version too?

If so, the Spotify app could be reading from its cache. If you clear the cache under 'settings>storage>Delete cache' and then play something (with cellular data disabled), it should fail. 

If all else fails, you could disable cellular data usage for Spotify in the settings of ios, this will cause the operating system to block all cellular communications from Spotify, only allowing Wifi! 

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Thanks but that’s not it. Cache isn’t involved because it’s playing songs I’ve never listened to. I tested this by searching for very obscure tracks and they streamed over cellular connection with no problem. Both “Use Cell Data” within iOS settings AND “Download Over Cellular” within Spotify are turned OFF. This is still happening with the latest version. It never was a problem until 8.4.88.