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Viewing a Waiting list from a podcast playing

Viewing a Waiting list from a podcast playing

So I don’t know if it’s a iOS problem but I’m surprised nobody changed that yet.


so when I’m playing a song and pop it up so I can see the cover, then I can push the “...” and see and edit my waitlist of tracks being played next.


however - and this is incredibly annoying- this does not work when being in the “my music” podcast tab. I can add podcast episodes tot the waitlist but can’t do anything else....


so the incredibly annoying way I’m doing it now is: put some podcast episodes in the waitlist->them jump to the music tab-> start playing any random song->then edit the waitlist.


i find it really ridiculous there is not a way to access the waitlist from playing a podcast.


any help?

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So I have to keep bumping this up?

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