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Volume bar missing

Volume bar missing

Anyone else having this isssue?

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Hi there and welcome to the community,


Not having these issues on my end. 

Could you try doing a full reinstallation of the app, including removing your local cache/data files.

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Hi thanks for the quick reply. I tried that and still nothing. This started yesterday when the player updated. I have a 5th gen IPod Touch if that helps.

This is the same on my iPhone 5s, the volume bars totally gone and I never updated anything either. I have an iPad mini and nothing changed there so I don't know why this has happened. Let me know if you find out what happened

Can you guys take a screenshot showing the volume bar as missing?

Missing volume screenshot:

@user-removed thank you, yes the volume button is no longer a part of the Now Playing screen. To change the volume, you can use the hardware volume buttons on your device. That should work including when AirPlaying as well.


If you use Connect, then the volume bar is available to change the volume on the device that you are controlling.

I know have the some problem since a recent update. Volume control on iPad is just a line. Is in lock screen put not app / now playing screen. This is stupid. This needs sorting. Dont fix what isn't broken etc. Apple Music and Amazon music both have this so why have you taken it out!

Yes i agree i miss the volume control its no good Spotify saying they have equallzing the volume of each track i sill find i need to adjust the

sound on my hifi. So Spotify please bring it back.

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