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Volume buttons on device don't work when casting

Volume buttons on device don't work when casting

As of Spotify 8.9.xx and newer I can't control the volume on my iPhone when casting to a Chromecast device. I need to go into the slider inside the Spotify app to change the volume.


This is not an iOS or apple issue:

My non working version of Spotify is and just today updated to 8.9.18.xx which has the same bug.

On another iPhone a WORKING version of Spotify is

The latter works perfectly fine. It is not a iOS problem but a Spotify bug!

Both iPhones run iOS 17.3.1


If this is not being actively solved by Spotify I'm sorry to say I will cancel my subscription and change to Tidal. This is a CORE functionality.

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Hey folks,

Thanks for raising this on the Community!

Due to updates on iOS, Spotify users no longer can use their iPhone's volume controls to change the volume on connected speakers. Instead, please use the volume slider in the device menu.


We'll be here if you need anything else.

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the Spotify app clearly sees the button inputs because when they are pressed with the devices panel pulled up , the iOS volume bar doesn’t appear on the left. But it does in all other circumstances. So technically the app is still modifying how the hardware buttons are used which would still be a violation of apples rules if they are the cause of all this nonsense plaguing us

The apple volume bar shows on the left for me. All completely updated.

Anyway; I switched to Tidal and bought a Wiim with a remote control. This probably also works with Spotify but they have let me down with this so I'm not coming back and I encourage all to punish bad behaviour like this by voting with their feet and wallets.

Are there any tech news outlets we can inform about this issue to escalate? 

I’m also looking to switch to Tidal. How is it compared to Spotify? 

I did a quick check (using ChatGPT) to see if other steaming services had the same issues on iOS. They do.

Conclusion was that it is very likely that this issue stems from updates on iOS. Casting the way Spotify and others have implemented it is not standard on iOS. Apple pushes AirPlay (which works differently from Spotify Connect) and probably is fixing loopholes that Spotify and others use to offer things like Spotify Connect. 

So you can switch to another streaming service but don’t expect to have casting working seamlessly on iOS.


That said, I do expect a better service from Spotify. @Maria, please update people on developments to at least improve the way volume can be changed when using Spotify Connect. The answer you have given thus far is very unsatisfactory and does not really address the change in functionality in the app.

What volume slider?

If that's true, at least put the volume slider on the front playing screen so people don't have to tap through some confusing sequence to do something as fundamental as change the volume.

Well, as obviously stated in the thread its NOT due to an iOS update, is due to a Spotify update, there are multiple users who can verify this with multiple iPhones in their household with one where it still works, and one where the volume button - Spotify connect control function is broken. 

my situation is like that:
1 iPhone everything still works, latest iOS 17.5.1 (both 14 pro, one has old Spotify due to less usage, only update to this iOS to test the theory ! , the other on has the latest iOS and Spotify -> volume broken.
 ** sidenote is, that on this phone with the broken volume, the spotify controls app on my Apple Watch IS able to control the volume stil as was also possible with the side buttons on the phone,

- next to that, all 3 MacBooks can still control the volume, but that is just the same as using the in-app slider, which is way to much work when its in your pocket !!! you just want the buttons. 

- furthermore 2 iPads pro's 11 - 12,9 inch, both M2 iPads., they have latest iOS, different Spotify version and 3 guesses.. all still works, even if I slide the slider on a MacBook - or use the slider in the app on the phone / or turn the wheel of my watch, the " General apple volume bar, on the iPad moves with the volume change... "  what this all means is that on the iPad Spotify volume  is still bound to the OS volume control, on the iPhones which are fully update (and probably more recente generaties guess older ones due to their limitations in iOS - Spotify versions might evade this issue ! ) 

so don't portray  this as faulty due to apple updates why it clearly came because of a Spotify update if your read my deduction method above to learn if it was iOS  or Spotify and which devices (I have) and their different reactions to the problem. 

So please Spotify, take the problem serious and update people about the progress in this, your losing customers, and Spotify connect was my foremost option to hold onto Spotify because of the EASE of control !!! and the fact that one MBP is hook up trough usb to a DAC with then ... well you know makes music sound very good, and yes Tidal is better on some albums in terms of quality and I WOULD pay the higher fee, but the controls and lesser algorithm always kept me with Spotify, for... I have no idea, I guess over 10 years easy now ! 

so give us at least the feeling we got heard, and your working on a solution..... don't throw it over the fence, were not your co-workers, we are paying customers who are happy with your music-service, less with the lack of response in this, and its a bug that has been going on for a while now.... 

I'm an infrastructural engineer, but also have to do things for other departments... if I delivered work like this, id loose my job !

thanks for the understanding and placing yourself in our shoes ! 


I was just trying to give a heads up about other streaming services. According to my (quick) check of apps of other services that have a casting option suffer from similar issues.

It's not 'obviously stated in the thread' that this is not an iOS issue. It is your assumption based on the entries in this thread and your personal situation. The response from one of the Spotify moderators specifically says it is an iOS issue, so for the moment that is what I am going with.

If you read through the thread you'll notice that some people are luckier than others, with different versions of the app and iOS. It might stop or start functioning when you restart a device, or even if you don't. It sometimes works on my phone, with different versions of the app and iOS, mostly it doesn't. So my conclusion is that your overview doesn't prove this is a Spotify issue.

We agree on the lack of proper updates on this issue by Spotify. That's really disappointing.

Not an iOS issue, it's broken for me today on Android:(



We are unfortunately in the golden age of ensh*ttification. Companies too big to care because of their monopolies. I hope that, if nothing more, an engineer sees this thread and quietly fixes it. Being a silicon engineer I’m used to the process of verification and testing things so they work on the first try, so it boggles my mind when I have to use software that seemingly was never tested. We are the beta testers, and we shall pay for this privilege 😞

“Testing in production”

Today I had the chance to test on another device. iPhone 11. On 17.4.1 it worked. Then I updated it to 17.5.1. Now broken. RIP. 

Yup iOS 17.5.1 update broke that very important feature. Spotify still needs to fix that or I’m cancelling my subscription. 

Hey guys, that's insane, Spotify's just release new app version on app store but the issue haven't been fixed!


Volume still not working on watch crown!


Sounds weird from dev team for a big project like spotify.


seems for me the team don't provide any code review and app tests before promote code to app store.

IOS 17.5.1

Watch OS 10.5

Spotify version : 8.9.42


Volume crown not working.

I can understand OS updates affecting access to the hardware buttons, but not having a volume slider front and centre of the play screen just seems like user interface suicide.

I’m losing my patience about this. I’ll be cancelling my subscription very soon if it’s not fixed. This feature is critical for me. 

It’s now June 2024 and the volume button not working is still an issue. The cluttered interface is gross and annoying, way too much going on. Also Pay your artists better. It’s about time to move to a different service.

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