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Volume buttons on device don't work when casting

Volume buttons on device don't work when casting

As of Spotify 8.9.xx and newer I can't control the volume on my iPhone when casting to a Chromecast device. I need to go into the slider inside the Spotify app to change the volume.


This is not an iOS or apple issue:

My non working version of Spotify is and just today updated to 8.9.18.xx which has the same bug.

On another iPhone a WORKING version of Spotify is

The latter works perfectly fine. It is not a iOS problem but a Spotify bug!

Both iPhones run iOS 17.3.1


If this is not being actively solved by Spotify I'm sorry to say I will cancel my subscription and change to Tidal. This is a CORE functionality.

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Everyone who's having a problem with the volume buttons on the phone no longer working to control volume of music being played to a speaker through Spotify Connect, I suggest also posting that you're having this problem in this thread:


The title of this thread is unrelated to the problem that we're having.  We had another thread going with a title that matched this problem, but then a moderator closed that thread and directed everyone here.  More terrible customer service from Spotify.  Hoping that by posting about this ongoing problem in this thread AND in that other thread that has the correct title, perhaps we'll actually get Spotify's attention.

it's due to an iOS change apparently, discussed in another thread here. Not good.

It's not. Please read the original post. Two different versions of spotify on the same iOS. One works, the other does not. It has nothing to do with apple.

Spotify not fixing this and seeing this as "solved" is outrageous.

Not beeing able to control volume with your phones buttons is a key feature while playing music.

This MUST be fixed.






iPhone 15 Pro/iPhone 12

Operating System

iOS 17.3.1


My Question or Issue


The Spotify connect volume controls are not working.

This is a nightmare, there is no other way to change the volume than opening the app, opening up the volume slider and do it manually.

This is a pathetic and very inconvenient way of listening to music.

Fix this as soon as possible.


It has nothing to do with iOS since it is working with friends iPhone 12, also running iOS 17.3.1


This is definitely NOT an iOS issue, even though the moderator in that other thread claims that it is.  Every other music app on my iPhone allows me to control the volume of the speaker with the volume buttons on the side of the phone.  It's only Spotify that doesn't allow this.  It's dishonest at best for a moderator to claim that this is an iOS issue when it's clearly a Spotify only issue.

Bizarre. My wife is now also very smugly demonstratively changing the volume with her iPhone volume buttons….

why is this happening? No rhyme or reason

I guess saying it’s an iOS issue they mean changes to Spotify have fallen into a trap they didn’t foresee.

Agree totally.
Moderator - can this thread be renamed or put back to where it was??

This important issue is being tagged with a completely inaccurate label
(burying the noise…???)

Can we get a response from a moderator please. Do Spotify acknowledge the issue and is it being worked on? Feelings are running high and your customers are getting zero assurance or explanation on what is going on here…

As the OP of this thread, I second the request for a new thread... my initial request was just for an option to opt out of the volume adjustment... as of now, my annoyance with that feature HAS been resolved, and there should be a separate thread for those who are frustrated by this update from iOS or Spotify that has for whatever reason ended support for volume adjustment.


Evidently, I am in the minority regarding people's opinions of in-app volume adjustment on Connect. My assumption is that an update is in the works to provide support again in the future... all I ask is that whatever Spotify adds, please include a toggle to opt out of it, so that both sides here are happy.

The fix clearly needs to be on Spotify’s side BUT it is possible a change in iOS has triggered this whole thing.

That being said, regression testing should have picked up this broken functionality before it was ever released to us. 

No. That is not the case. I have multiple iPhones at my disposal. All updated with the newest iOS 17.3.1.

NON WORKING Spotify app ver. 8.9.18.xx and

WORKING Spotify app. ver.


Once the Spotify app got updated manually via. appstore, the volume buttons stopped working with controlling the music.


Tidal tried: Works.

Apple Music tried: Works (but via airplay)

(If someone needs an easy way for transferring playlists you should look at "Tune My Music" app.)


So it is 100 % a bug that Spotify has introduced.







Exact Same issue after the latest update I can’t control the volume via lock screen and or volume buttons while casting on the nest audio via google cast. I don’t know if this has any connection but I can control de volume via apple watch using the crown. I hope they fix this soon.


The moderators appear to have misunderstood the other thread and closed it sending us all here… to another thread they appear to have misunderstood.

Extremely poor service from Spotify on this, volume control is core functionality and the silence on a fix is very frustrating

Same issue here… please fix, or I’ll be canceling for another service

I don't doubt that this is a bug that Spotify has introduced as evidenced by you having three devices all on 17.3.1 and then the latest version not working.


As you say, volume control works fine in AW and Tidal so, no iOS didn't break volume control. BUT Apple may have made a change that the Spotify devs didn't notice until too late.

Hey folks,

Thanks for raising this on the Community!

Due to updates on iOS, Spotify users no longer can use their iPhone's volume controls to change the volume on connected speakers. Instead, please use the volume slider in the device menu.


We'll be here if you need anything else.

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seriously? Spotify will lose a lot of subscribers from this. You should elaborate more as to what is happening

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