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Volume constantly changing when using spotify connect

Volume constantly changing when using spotify connect






iPhone 13 mini

Operating System

iOS 16.0


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I am connected to a receiver with Spotify  connect to play music. Every second the volume bar appears on my phone attempting to change the volume but it stays at the same level. This makes the receiver volume knob not able to work and audio is stuck at that level. Attached is a video of the issue. I don’t have a non iOS mobile device to test if it is iOS issue or Spotify app issue. 


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Hey there @SimplyEmu


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


Just to make sure, when this happens are you unable to change the volume? Also, is this only happening when you're using your receiver?


On another note, it's well worth running a clean reinstall of the app on your phone to get rid of any cached files that might be causing trouble. 


Also, we suggest checking if the firmware of your receiver is up to date. 


Keep us posted. 

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I have same issue. Iphone 11, ios 16. When i connect to my amplituner, volume bar or text box with device name appear every 1-2 seconds on the phone. I have to close spotify and open it again.


I have the same issue - when I'm using Spotify app on my Iphone (14 pro with latest iOS) whenever I switch to external device (in my case Onkyo TX8150) application is constantly showing sound volume notification even if sound is not being changed. To make it worst if I leave the app in the background the sound notification is still popping up (via iOS sound volume bar).

That is of course extremely annoying and only way to deal with is is to kill the app. 

I have tried clearing catch and uninstalling the app but the problem still persists. 

That problem exists only on my Iphone, when using Spotify app on my android phone everything is working like intended.


Hey folks, 


Thanks for sharing this info.


Can you please check if restarting the receiver or factory resetting it makes any difference in this behavior?


Keep us posted.

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