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Volume setting - How to difference between Spotify and sport apps

Volume setting - How to difference between Spotify and sport apps






iPhone 12

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iOS 15.6.1


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I often use Spotify to listen to fitness music albums (normally connected to Sonos, but not always) and start my workout with a fitness app on my iPhone.

How do I make the volume of Spotify music quieter and turn up the volume of the Sport app? When I click the volume slider, both apps (Spotify and the Sport app) are getting always louder or quieter. How can I make a difference between them?


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Hi there @Phipsiii,


Thank you for taking the time to post in the Community.


We can confirm that it's not possible to change that, there's just one volume control for all media that is played through the device speakers. However, what we can recommend you to do is to play one app through the phone and the other via Sonos, but this has nothing to do with Spotify itself.


We hope that this cleared some things up for you.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else 🙂

Take care!

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Thanks @Jeremy for your feedback.


Maybe as a feature request is it possible to integrate a separate volume control into Spotify app itself?


For example on my Mac I can change the volume with Mac settings itself (with the keyboard keys or the control icon on the right upper corner), but I can change the volume setting separately in the Spotify App in right lower corner itself also.


As a 2nd idea: Maybe you could make the "Offline" button more present and always available (not only when nothing is played)? Then it would be possible to start music, switch to Sonos and click the offline button. Then there is no connection anymore and you can separately adjust volume on iPhone.


Maybe a similar workaround would be great for iPhone too.

Hi @Phipsiii!


That'd be awesome, however, I think there are certain limitations caused by the operating system, which make this very difficult / next to impossible to pull off.


In any case, looks like an idea about an independent volume for Spotify has already been submitted here and even though it is marked as Closed, you can still add in your +VOTE, so feel free to check it out and show your support. The original poster also shares a workaround that you can try out for the time being.


As for your second idea, you can submit it on our Idea Exchange board - just make sure you familiarize yourself with our guidelines first. When your idea gathers the necessary amount of +VOTEs, it will be sent to our internal teams for review.


The Community is always here if there's anything else we can assist you with.



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