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Waiting to Download Offline Tracks

Waiting to Download Offline Tracks


So for some reason my local files no longer sinc to my ipod. They have done so in the past albeit it did not always happen instantly I would just restart spotify on both devices a few times and eventually it would kick in. But now none of my local files will go to my mobile device. I know similar people have had problems and they just had to fix/disable their firewall for a little bit. I have checked both my PC's installed firewall and my personally installed firewall and they both have spotify.exe as having clearance in both public and private zones to download and still nothing. 


Its getting really annoying. I just want my tunes. Is there anything that you could think I'm am doing wrong? 

I dont want to reinstall the app on my computer so thats a last ditch effort but any advice would be much appreciated.

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