When disconnecting a Bluetooth device, Spotify acts up

When disconnecting a Bluetooth device, Spotify acts up







iPhone X

Operating System

iOS 12.3.1

My Question or Issue

When I disconnect my Bluetooth speakers (UE Mini Boom, 1st generation), Spotify stays on my lock screen, pretending it is playing music (pause button is shown) while in fact it is not. This has a number of side effects:

1. I don’t want or need this information on my lock screen

2. My Apple Watch brings Spotify to the foreground, even though no music is playing. On top of the watch face, a „music is playing“ indicator is shown.

 3. Most annoyingly, WhatsApp will sometimes refuse to let me record messages. When I try recording, the recording stops after one or two seconds.


Killing Spotify will rectify all of this. Sometimes, hitting pause on the lock screen also works.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Connect Bluetooth speakers

2. Open Spotify (I mostly open Spotify through a playlist link)

3. Start playing music

4. Turn of Bluetooth speakers.



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