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Where did the alphabetical scroll bar go?

Where did the alphabetical scroll bar go?






iPhone 6


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I primarily listen to music by artist and by playlist.

Before the latest update, I could scroll through all the artists which I have saved music from easily. I could browse through everything in my library of artists A-Z and choose something from there. Now all of that is gone and I have to follow all my artists to get them to appear and the scroll bar is gone. This makes browsing so much more difficult. What if I want to listen to White Zombie, Weezer or Yes? Now it looks like I have to scroll through everything instead of just immediately being able to select ‘W’ what a terrible design!

where is the scroll bar?Where did the scroll bar go!?!?Where did the scroll bar go!?!?


I need this!I need this!


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Hey @SteveSteele and welcome to the Community.


Hope you're doing great!


Spotify recently pushed an update to the Spotify users which changes the Your Library UI and the way it works. Check this Spotify Answer to learn more about the changes to Your Library.


They're always testing and launching improvements and new features, you can learn more here why.


However, if you don't like the new look, please head over to this idea and add your +VOTE. You can always add your own input in the comments there as well 🙂


If you'd like more info on how the Ideas Exchange works, check more here.

Have a nice day 🙂

Yes obviously spotify changed their UI. Thank you capt. obvious aka Loxer. We're complaining about removing a vital feature for no reason.

You communicated this so much better than I did, very well put.  Well worth the 'me too" hit and the 'like' I gave your post.  Hope they sort it out fast for us

Exactly Steve Steele, well put, including the screenshot from iTunes, which is an app made by smart people that don’t remove extremely useful features like the alphabetical scroll bar for no good reason.


Deezer, that’s where I’m going if Spotify doesn’t bring back the scroll bar. I’m giving Spotify one week to bring back the bar, because I’d really like to avoid going to Deezer and downloading all my songs again, but I’m also tired of giving money to a lesser product in Spotify.


Down to 6 days now.

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