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Why am i still using the old ui in ios? I'm using the last version

Why am i still using the old ui in ios? I'm using the last version

The first time when i installed the spotify on my iPhone, it was everything great and my spotify was black painted.. But when my premium trial was at the end i unistalled spotify and now i installed spotify again and i bought premium ... Why can't i have black painted spotify ui again .. All my friends have black painted spotify.

I'm on iPhone 5, iOS 9.0.2, Spotify 4.1.0
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Hi @arj4ng,

That's pretty weird and the only advice I can give you for now is to reinstall Spotify from your iPhone and log you back in. Keep asking question if you need further help!


Stay Awesome!


Thank you for answering, Quanty.
But i already reinstalled it 6 times and i'm loosing hope because nobody has the same problem as mine in internet ... It's really weird.


Wow that must be frustrading...

Please post a Screenshot of that, to see how it looks.

And also use the contact form here! Send a message with your problem if you get a non-reply Email back just reply and you get directly to the support.


Stay Awesome!


Okay thank gou for responding... The attachment is my screenshot.


Hi @arj4ng,

Did you use the contact form?

Because that is indeed pretty weird...And you are sure that you on Version 4.1.0?



Hi @Quanty
I have some email issues with my account , i didn't use the contact.
Yeah i'm sure.

Well that's an inconvenience @arj4ng, because the Direct Support can help you the most with that.

Because it should be the new Ui if you are up to date overall.



Btw, Let me now if there are any changes? 😉

I hope so!



Still the same. But thanks btw.

Spotify tests UI changes on a small amount of users sometimes.


I've never seen that UI before so it could be that you are part of the test.

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I don't want to be in a test. I'm in a test like 6 months.

But thank you for responding.

I can't find the new video stream. I could just once use it.

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