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Why can't I keep Spotify Screen open when listening?

Why can't I keep Spotify Screen open when listening?

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I just updated to an iPhone and I can't find a way to leave Spotify open on my screen(like Youtube, Netflix, Maps, etc) when I'm listening to music. I listen to music while working and it's REALLY annoying to have to unlock my screen to use more than the basic features on the lock screen. Why do we even have Canvas if my screen goes to sleep????

Turning off my global auto-sleep setting is not a solution for security reasons. 

If I'm missing something obvious, I'll apologize for the mini-rant 😛



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I'm not exactly sure what you mean but I assume you mean like watching YouTube videos screen won't turn off. Well Spotify is not a video streaming platform. It's a music streaming platform, and it's designed for songs to play even though your screen is off. YouTube is different, are you gonna keep pressing the screen to watch a 10 minutes long video just because your phone has screen timeout? Plus, I bet you won't be changing so much settings while playing song right? Why not just configure everything and close your phone then enjoy the music 🙂 

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