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Why did the recent update take important features AWAY?!? wth???!!

Why did the recent update take important features AWAY?!? wth???!!

You guys at Spotify need half a decade to include a simple "clear cache" function but are fast to ruin the already lackluster app! The best thing in this app was the fact, that I could download an album and get it listed within my downloaded albums, without having to download all songs from the album! If there is a deluxe edition of an album with 40 songs but most of them are shitty remixes and I only want the basic album + the two new bonus songs on it, I could download just that.  Sometimes there's even only the deluxe version available! And now I have to waste memory for a bunch**bleep** I don't want on my phone! And NO, I don't want to create a playlist! This would lead to having my albums basically splitten in two categories and I'd have to go back and forth between regular albums and playlists, which also means I couldn't listen to all of them via shuffle. Oh, wait I can't do this now anyway because you also removed the "song" tab from the library! This are just the first two things I noticed. Pretty sure there's gonna be way more**bleep** I find. It's like you are doing this on purpose, but ignore everything people actually want or at least take years to implement them.


Seriously, what the **bleep** are you thinking?! Your App and service is horrible, only reason I'm using it is because it unfortunately has the most music licenced. I really wish you to go bankrupt and so other services get all the stuff. But I won't get a reply from anyone actually working at spotify anyway because your support sucks as well!

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You will see a playlist named liked songs, as the old tab has now apparently merged with the playlist tab. It's relieving to know that this feature is still in the app, but this new layout is god awful.

I hope this helped you, as Spotify will most likely not.

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Spotify recently pushed an update to the Spotify users which changes the Your Library UI and the way it works. Check this Spotify Answer to learn more about the changes to Your Library.


They're always testing and launching improvements and new features, you can learn more here why.


However, if you don't like the new look, please head over to this idea and add your +VOTE. You can always add your own input in the comments there as well 🙂


If you'd like more info on how the Ideas Exchange works, check more here.

Have a nice day 🙂

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