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Why does my music stop playing?

Why does my music stop playing?

Any time I'll be playing msuic on my iphone on spotify, either just through my phone or connected to a bluetooth speaker, anytime I get a snapchat notification, or open snapchat, my music will pause, even when my phone is locked. It has become extremeley annoying and such a hasssle to play music. Is there any kind of setting I need to change? I really need some help. Thank You!

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Same problem! It's killing my vibe when i'm driving. I even tried turning off notification sounds and tried turning on the background refresh for spotify but still stops. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

i am having this issue with apple music as well. it’s and Apple or Snapchat problem. not spotify.

Yeah it was actually SnapChat, forgot to post I reinstalled SnapChat and it was fine after that!


I uninstalled then reinstalled snapchat and that done the job, must have something to do with the latest update of Snapchat.

I had the same problem, I just re-installed Snapchat (and Youtube just in case) and now they work perfectally fine.

Still having the same issue. I just updated spotify with the last version and now it stops even when connected to Chrome cast. 

Yeah they fixed this for a while, but both apps have updated in the past 3 days and the problem is happening again, but like 3 times as frequently 

I’m having the same problem, then I have to go back onto Spotify to resume play. Instead of swiping up (iPhone) and pressing play there. Extremely annoying

I have the same problem, but only when connected to a Bluetooth speaker. No problem with Podcast Republic or Google Play Music, just Spotify.

It happens with twitter too not just Snapchat 

Hey everyone,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're happy to help! 


Could you all make sure you're rocking the latest version of Snapchat and Spotify? 


If the issue still persists, please let us know the following:

  • Device
  • Device OS
  • Spotify version

We look forward to your reply 🙂 


Have a nice day!

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