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Why on earth does CarPlay sort albums alphabetically by title?

Why on earth does CarPlay sort albums alphabetically by title?

Is there a way to change this that I'm missing? Both the mobile and desktop apps group albums by artist, which is the logical and user-friendly way. One of these days some poor soul is going to crash while distractedly scrolling up and down the album list...which also tends to cut off somewhere in the Rs for some reason.


It wouldn't be so bad if the artist menu worked well but of course it doesn't, songs are not in the correct album order.


We live in a world of working apps, why can't this one?

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Yep I agree, it should be set to how it is set on your phone (i have mine by date added, so most recent at the top!) also it would be great if you could view up next tracklist like you can in apple music. And on the scroll list of artists/songs/albums you should also have the keyboard option to jump scroll to the first letter of each of the alphabet (again like apple music)

I agree - this makes absolutely no sense organizationally and really does make spotify very dangerous to use on the road. This post was more than a year ago. Why is this still not addressed a year and a half later? And why is Spotify so awful in general with carplay (so so glitchy and very often nonfunctional - a problem going back many years as far as I can tell)? I was excited to switch from Apple Music to Spotify recently, and there's a lot about Spotify that I like better. But these issues are no-brainers -- and total dealbreakers. Functionality with carplay and album organization are two of the most important things to me. Pretty terrible user experience on both counts. I would rather give my money to Spotify, but I'll be going back to apple.


On the subject of album organization, I would also really like to have the option of seeing albums listed by release date when I open an artist. Getting a running list of all of the artists' songs is really annoying as the only option. And when listening to an album, I want to be able to see where the song is within the original album tracklist (an ordered, numbered track list). 


And instead of (or in addition to) a "recently played" list, I'd like to have a "recently added to collection" list, like in apple music. If I've just listened to something, I rarely want to hear it again right away or repeatedly so "recently played" is rather useless to me. On the other hand, when I add a bunch of music at once, sometimes I can't remember off the top of my head exactly what I added, and searching through my entire collection is a huge pain. Being able to find it in recently added list is super helpful.


And my last thought on albums... I would love the ability to have a folder that I can drop entire albums into, just like an old school 5/10/25 CD changer. Call it On Tap, or Heavy Rotation or something. From there, you could pull up an album and listen front to back, listen to the list of albums back to back to back, or shuffle tracks from the entire set of albums. This would be a most welcome replacement of the 10-disc changer I used to have under the passenger seat. : )


Ok, last last thing - optoin (toggle on or off) of seeing album's original release date listed with albums everwhere album name appears. 

Spotify with CarPlay has become much more unreliable since I went from IOS10 to IOS11. 50% chance of it working.


100% agree that Spotify on CarPlay should sort by artist, not by album title. I can easily remember the name of the artist I want to hear, and then quickly find the album I want when they are sorted by artist. I can't possibly remember the name of every album by every artist to find what I want (especially new albums I have recently saved). This makes Spotify very difficult to use via CarPlay, and dangerous as a result. 

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